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Computer Raaaage? Grrrrrr….!

Super Nerd prepares to save
another Northern Suburbs family from
Computer Rage, the common and
dangerous affliction that can lead to
heart attacks, strokes and really, really
loud arguments.

If you’re suffering Computer Rage, here’s why you should call

Superrr Nerd!

Disguised (with a beard) as  mild-mannered northern suburbs geek Damian Lissington, the Caped Computer Crusader will swoop into your home with a whoosh, and

Get Your Computer Working the Way It’s

Supposed To!

Superrr Nerd’s No-FeeGuarantee:

“If I can’t solve your problem, you pay nothing…zero…nought…nada…zip!”

*** New Computer?

I’ll come to you and set the whole thing up, right from scratch
I’ll show you exactly how to use it, PLUS
I’ll answer any questions you’re sure to have

*** Incredibly Annoying Pop-Ups, Spam and Stupid on-Screen Displays?

Superrr Nerd’s promise – After my ‘Kryptonite’ blast of anti-annoyance spray, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your computer works…and does exactly as it’s told.

*** “If it was a dog, my computer’d be Put Down!”

Like cars, sometimes computers need a ‘lube and oil change’. Yep, they get tired, start to smoke from the exhaust, they rattle and squeak like a creaking old banger.
If your computer’s in need of major heart surgery, Superrr Nerd’ll tell you right away. Snuggled under his cape, your ailing machine will be gently carried away, and will be returned to you in pristine condition, just like the day you brought it home from the shop.

(Plus, all your information will be back where it belongs, on your hard drive)

How much will Superrr Nerd cost?

Superrr Nerd charges just $80 a visit…no matter how long he takes to cure your computer or set up the new one.

“80 bucks….no matter how long he’s here?”

Yep…80 bucks…and the only time it’ll cost you more is if he has to take it away for a complete heart/lung transplant. (most problems can be fixed on the spot though)

Call Superrr Nerd NOW – before your BLOOD BOILS!

Tel: 9467 1751 • Mob: 0433 410 212

Email: damian@super-nerd.com.au

Remember Superrr Nerd’s Guarantee: “If I can’t fix it, you pay nothing!”